You’ll Wish You could Stay Just a Little bit Longer in Nundle


If you’re looking for sheer beauty amid peace and quiet, then the gorgeous little town of Nundle will enthrall you like it did me. Its a town in New South Wales and the New England Highway has many road signs pointing you to this town. The town offers everything you want went it comes to small town hospitality and you won’t find a shortage of some good accommodation. The fascinating thing about Nundle and Hanging Rock, is that even though there is just 10km between them, the landscapes and even the climate are quite different. Both the Nundle and Hanging Rock communities are friendly and they invite you to not only explore the beautiful area, but to slot in with any event and gatherings as if you’re an old friend. You should try and visit during theirĀ Great Nundle Dog Race

The Great Nundle Dog Race

For a most scenic country road to delight, the turn off from Wallabadah on the New England Highway and which takes you through exquisite farmland, will simply have you wishing you had much more time here. Everybody who loves the outdoors will want to be here for weeks or months instead of days, and every landscape in Australia is found in this area, offering rock climbing, hiking, fishing, kayaking and awesome bush camping.