Exploring the alcoholic heritage of New England

I’m a huge fan of exploring places in a way most others would not. Of course, places and monuments are just as important as anything else, but there is something uniquely exciting about travelling a state, following the carnivals, or following a band. There is something unique about exploring the heritage of a country, or a state, purely through alcohol.

New England has it’s fair share of breweries and wineries. I have been planning an elaborate trip of the breweries and wineries in New Hampshire over the past month and I’ve loved what I’ve seen. I’m extremely excited about the places I’m yet to visit too. Over the last one month, I’ve visited the Anheuser Busch plant at Merrimack, and the Redhook Ale Brewery in Seacoast. I’ve plans to visit the Jewell Towne Vineyards and the Moonlight Meadery this month. It’s not entirely cheap, but I cannot say the trip has not been exciting.

Breweries in New Hampshire

It takes a little bit of planning to execute this- I first focus on the town where these vineyards and breweries are located, to see if there are any other places of interest around where I will be going. I’ve also been relying on tips suggested by my friends and residents of New England. The New Hampshire tourism website has also been quite helpful. This is brand new grounds for me and I’m certainly highly excited about exploring these places more!