Poets of New England

A poem by Emily Dickinson 1830-1886

I have  mentioned before how New England is home to famous authors and poets some my personal favourites; I thought it might be a good time to review who they were.

Leading the poets for me would be Emily Dickinson, a reclusive and eccentric lady who lived 1830-1886, a lady way ahead of her time. The amount of poetry she wrote was not known until after her death although she did publish while she was alive. Due to her often unconventional presentation of her poetry, at least in those times it was frequently altered by the publishers. Her poetry was unique in those times for not following the rules, mostly focused on death and immortality it often used slant rhyme. This also known as half rhyme is where the end consonants will resonate but the vowels don’t and while classed as a poetry device it can be seen in some hip hop music. You can find an example of Emily Dickinson’s slanted rhyme here. My favourite is one of her nature poems, ‘The sun just touched the morning’.

Galway Kinnell, 1982 Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry and Poet Laureate for the state of Vermont was born in Providence Rhode Island as a child he was drawn to the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson. Galway was vehement Vietnam protester and 1968 he signed the Writers and Editors War Tax Protest” pledge, refusing to pay tax as a protest against the Vietnam War. The ‘Book of Nightmares‘ is a book long poem that draws on his experiences as civil rights protester as well as his experiences protesting the Vietnam War.

Galway Kinnel activist and poet, Putlizer Prizr winner of Vermonts Poet Laureate

Galway Kinnell’s’ Book of Nightmares’