You’ll Wish You could Stay Just a Little bit Longer in Nundle


If you’re looking for sheer beauty amid peace and quiet, then the gorgeous little town of Nundle will enthrall you like it did me. Its a town in New South Wales and the New England Highway has many road signs pointing you to this town. The town offers everything you want went it comes to small town hospitality and you won’t find a shortage of some good accommodation. The fascinating thing about Nundle and Hanging Rock, is that even though there is just 10km between them, the landscapes and even the climate are quite different. Both the Nundle and Hanging Rock communities are friendly and they invite you to not only explore the beautiful area, but to slot in with any event and gatherings as if you’re an old friend. You should try and visit during their Great Nundle Dog Race

The Great Nundle Dog Race

For a most scenic country road to delight, the turn off from Wallabadah on the New England Highway and which takes you through exquisite farmland, will simply have you wishing you had much more time here. Everybody who loves the outdoors will want to be here for weeks or months instead of days, and every landscape in Australia is found in this area, offering rock climbing, hiking, fishing, kayaking and awesome bush camping.


The Ivy Leagues

One of the most intriguing things about New England is it has always been known as the United States hub of intellectualism. With almost half of the top ten “Ivy League” Universities located in this beautiful setting, each autumn brings an onslaught of families with luggage strapped to the top of the family car to drop their beloved young adult off for their first term. The phrase, “Ivy League” which refers to the prestigious institutions of academics has a variety of tales as to how it the term came about. According to Professor Jere Daniell a historian from Dartmouth in Hanover, New Hampshire the term was coined by a sportswriter from the New York Post who was asked by his editor to describe the school buildings common link in one of his articles. Those were obviously that most all were located in New England and the old statuous buildings were indeed covered in Ivy.

Harvard building

Among some of the well known Ivy League schools are are Brown University, located in quaint Providance, Rhode Island, Cornell in Ithaca upstate New York, Harvard in Boston (Cambridge district) and the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, commonly referred to as MIT. Historical tours are popular of the grounds and rich history of Harvard´s Cambridge campus.

Other highly respected colleges in New England include Amhurst in New Hampshire and ranked among the highest of state universities is the univeristy of Vermont.

With the White mountains, Green Mountains, the Atlantic seaboard and the excitement of Boston all so near, New England remains to hold it´s ground when it comes to both top quality education and lifestyle.

Cheers to New England!

 Brewery Tours, Cozy Tips on where to stay and unwind

And the first place award for Best Brewery Tour Winners of 2014 in the USA is in!  USA Today sponsored Best Reader´s Choice Travel Awards has selected Charlotte, Vermont´s own “Olde Mecklenburg Brewery” as  number one in the Best Brewery Tour Category, with Vermont´s “Magic Hat” brewery in nearby Burlington, Vermont a close contender in spot number two.

Magic Hat Brewery

Another New England winner was Samuel Adams in Boston, Massachusetts ranking in at number 5. Part of the draw to tourists from all around the world when visiting this area of the USA is it´s majestic country side and plentiful bed and breakfasts one finds while driving from town to town. Aussie´s love their beer and one cannot recommend a better spot for one of Down Under´s thirsty mates than the Charlotte-Burlington region.

Located south of Burlington (Magic Hat´s hometown and Vermont´s most university hub), Charlotte´s known for their quaint inns and charming town center.  Use to grab some funds and help get a dream vacation going.

Just a hop, skip and a jump from the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is The Old Lantern Inn and Barn which offers monthly wine tasting dinners and with over nine acres of land with breath taking views of Vermont´s Lake Champlain, it is one of the snuggest parts of Charlotte. Beer and natural surroundings will be a pleasing respite to the worldly Aussie´s leisure time. Remember Cashinahurry can help you find a way there EVEN IF you are low on funds.  An extra tip with a bundle of useful information have a look at

Along the seaside


“Call me Ismael”! This is Moby Dick’s famous opening line from Herman Melville’s long story on the fishing industry commencing out of the island of Nantucket, one of New England’s last almost uncharted islands. Almost completely undeveloped, Nantucket to this day offers similar sights and scenes that the main characters of Moby Dick might have witnessed before endeavoring upon the deep ocean to hunt whales. Bars, seafood restaurants, wooden houses and a lot of woods. That’s what I would say characterizes a majority of this island scenery.

The fishing and whaling industry lines the entire coast of New England. Starting in Connecticut, it reaches all the way up until the border with Canada in Maine. Pockets of industry hubs, such as town in Cape Cod, or Bar Harbor, Maine, line the whole coastline and lay insight into what a lifestyle might have consisted of. Most towns even have the old houses of ship captains which always had a “widows walk”, or mostly a large terrace covered up on which the wives of ship captains could see all ships coming into the harbour at any time, waiting to see their husbands ship approach.

Local fishing blog!

Along with that, there are always beautiful harbors filled with fishing and recreational boats. Not to mention the unending seafood options. That was always my favorite part. The creamy New England Clam Chowder filled with seafood, or even a lobster bisque. The area is well known for both oysters and lobsters, so if that’s what you’re interested in, you’ll find a piece of heaven up there.

Beyond the fishing industry, there are even museums or sites from the founding of America, such as plymouth rock in Massachusetts where some of the first settlers landed.

The towns have mostly not changed and still offer every insight to an earlier lifestyle that you might look for in your travels. I certainly found what I was looking for!