Beauty of Autumn in New England

Beautiful Autumn

I fell in love with New England because of the fall. I’ve even heard that people from across the United States travel to New England states, from Connecticut to Maine, just to see the changing of leaves in October and November. I don’t blame them, it’s a truly fetching sight.

Boston is known for being the largest most thriving city in New England, mostly because New York City doesn’t quite make that regional boundary. Today, Boston is filled with universities and intellectual prowess, some of the worlds finest hospitals and shopping thoroughfares tied perfectly into the brownstone streets that once housed America’s founders. It most certainly offers insights into the tumultuous past that it once had. There are districts relegated to ethnic immigrant backgrounds, from the North End (vastly Italian neighborhood) or Southie (predominantly Irish). There’s even a neighborhood, Beacon Hill, on which all of the original law makers from the state house resided, and you can still see the rich legacy it possess. For instance, current US Secretary of State John Kerry has a property on “the hill”.

See blog for insider tips to Boston!

There’s really no shortage of sights in Boston. I find most of its beauty laden in the insights each street corner has to its past. From blue collar working class neighborhoods and their tenement housing, to the prestige and class offered in the upper class, it’s easy to see how this city might have worked before. As a tourist, it’s easily accessible with a wide variety of historical tours and university tours, with the main attraction being Harvard University located just beyond the limits over the Charles River in Cambridge.



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